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The challenges in 2019

The groups are invited to develop initiatives according to the list of challenges:

Safety and security accessories

Monitoring and regulating emotions and feelings

Development of motor skills

Family, community and social integration

Education and learning

Treatment and institutions

Constitutional and bureaucratic aspects

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Monitoring and regulating emotions and feelings

The difficulty:  Regulation of senses and emotions

Objective:  Development of accessories or applications for understanding situations, reducing flooding and calming

Examples and directions:

  • Smart bracelets

  • Apps that allow for quick sedation

  • Digital or tangible products that will allow self-understanding of the situation and calming

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Safety and security accessories

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The difficulty: lack of understanding of dangers and need for protection 

Objective: Todevelop products to deal with the challenges of maintaining safety and security

Examples and directions:

  • Accessories promising in the knee in

  • Dealing with emergencies

  • Prevention of eruptions and running into dangerous areas

  • Locating the person

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Development of motor skills

The difficulty:  Difficulty moving in space, operating devices, writing and more due to motor difficulties

Objective:  Development and improvement of motor skills along with the development of solutions to motor difficulties

Examples and directions:

  • Curricula for developing motor skills

  • Tangible or physical products for improving motor abilities

  • Development of supporting software and / or accessories that will address motor difficulties

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Family, community and social integration

The difficulty:  Difficulty connecting with the surrounding circles: parents, teachers, neighbors, peer group and more

Objective:  Improving community integration and addressing the lack of knowledge about autism

Examples and directions:

  • Development of community social enterprises  

  • Digital projects

  • Social games

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Education and learning

The difficulty:  Learning social skills, adjustments in the curriculum, training educational staff

Objective:  Addressing educational difficulties, training education staff, developing lesson plans

Examples and directions:

  • Development of lesson plans, educational aids and learning games

  • Identify facial and body gestures

  • Development of body awareness

חינוך ולמידה
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Treatment and institutions

The difficulty:  Staff training in some institutions is poor, and there is even harm to the sponsors

Objective:  Improving residential solutions in the community and institutions while maintaining patient dignity

Examples and directions:

  • Finding alternatives in the community for hospitalization  

  • Improving the training of the treating staff

  • Preventing harm to sponsors and improving personal security

  • Providing tools for identifying signs of distress

טיפול ומוסדות
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Legal and bureaucratic information and aspects

The difficulty:  Updates and additions to laws and regulations are required, along with reducing bureaucracy and making information about the rights defined in the law accessible.

Objective:  Dealing with the constitutional and bureaucratic aspect related to the exercise of rights while maintaining information security and privacy

Examples and directions:

  • Development of information accessibility solutions

  • Creating bills and dealing with regulation

  • Addressing issues of exercise of rights 

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