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ALUT - the National Association for Children and Adults with Autism - is a national parent association that leads the care of a person with autism throughout his life.

ALU works to promote the rights of people on the continuum and their families, to develop services for them and to promote knowledge and research about autism from  Purpose  Ensure the  Their right to live with dignity, to the fullest of their abilities.

The association runs rehabilitative day care centers (allotafs), health promotions in kindergartens, clubs, summer camps, vacations, homes for life, employment centers, family centers that provide guidance, support and information to families, and assists and advises parents in the education system.

The association also promotes the rights of more than 20,000 people diagnosed with autism in Israel and their families.

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IBM Israel  Offers business and technological solutions for companies and entities, of all sizes, in the various sectors of the economy: technology and high-tech, industry, communications, infrastructure, banking, insurance, trade and retail, transportation, health, academia, government, local authorities and the defense system. It employs about 2,200 workers in Israel, about half of whom are researchers and developers, which makes it possible to integrate innovative R&D solutions in projects carried out by the company. 

Bank Hapoalim, the largest bank in Israel and the leading body in the business field in the country, is at the top of the list of economic organizations in Israel, which donate large sums to social causes.  
The desire to work for the prosperity and well-being of individuals, businesses and communities serves as a driving force for us at Bank Hapoalim.  We understand that as the leading financial institution in Israel, we have an economic, social and environmental impact, which further strengthens our responsibility towards Israeli society. This responsibility requires us to ensure that in parallel with the direct economic value resulting from our day-to-day business activities, our doing will grow in added value, both for our customers and for the general public, while promoting social and environmental values.


The Open University combines studies at a high and meticulous academic level with the pursuit of scientific and research excellence, all with organizational flexibility, innovation in teaching methods, and maximum openness to all who wish to study within its framework. 

Today, the Open University enrolls more than 46,000 students in a variety of graduate and master's degree programs in the humanities and social sciences, natural and life sciences, and in exact sciences and certificate studies. The special study conditions at the Open University allow students to study at a place and time convenient to them. Alongside face-to-face facilitation sessions, the Open University has developed distance learning methods through interactive interactive means that allow each student to study independently, according to their personal needs. The study materials are pre-designed as a means of independent learning, and they allow maximum flexibility of the place of study, their dates and pace, regardless of frontal lectures and classrooms. Thanks to its openness and flexibility, the Open University provides an optimal solution for diverse populations of students - high school students, IDF soldiers, working students, parents of children - including many students on the autistic continuum and other students with disabilities. 

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Interblog, managed by Uriel Elimelech, organizes and manages meetings, conferences, workshops, summer camps and courses for tens of thousands of participants. Production of seminars to encourage innovation and creativity in the organization. Production and directing of age-appropriate technological development marathons (actons) for the development of technological products.   Uriel Elimelech -  Founder of Interblog - initiates and manages projects that connect the worlds of technology to art and audience experiences, with extensive experience in hardening technical performances for events with tens of thousands of participants.  Served as Director of Innovation in the Horizon Unit of the Air Force, founded the unit's alumni association, the "Curiosity" and "Patrol" metap community.   Advises communities and volunteers during Entrepreneurship Week. Is in touch with social acceleration / impact programs and is well versed in shared work complexes.

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