Summary of preparation events 

So what did we have?

We gathered together -  100 participants -  In a unique preparation event  Designed to provide the necessary tools to be accepted into the competition:

  • We got to know the team leading the Akotism and their responsibilities 

  • We got to know the dear partners from Microsoft, Accessibility Israel and ALT  And many more on the way

  • We presented the challenges this year, the array of mentors and judges

  • We explained how to submit a bid for a project and detailed  The schedule for the competition

  • We described the "day after" - what awaits you along the way

What are the next steps?

  • Choose a challenge and formulate an idea for the project

  • Examine whether you have a good business model

  • Most importantly - keep in touch with us to hear what you need to be successful!  For team details click here

I have a question

And we have the answer!   

We have compiled the most common questions for you so that you have all the information and tools needed for success in the competition.