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Female Soccer Players

Criteria for judging

Adaptation to hackathon purposes

Develop solutions that address the challenges of people on the spectrum

Development of solutions that address one or more of the challenges: security and safety, monitoring and regulating emotions and feelings, developing motor abilities, family-community-social integration, education and learning, care and institutions, legal and bureaucratic aspects

Identify the authentic needs of people on the spectrum


Development of a new solution that does not exist in the market

Using technology / method / manpower / institution in an innovative way

Finding a new target audience that concerns people on the spectrum

Presentation of the relative advantage in solution innovation over existing similar solutions


Identifying an essential need that will make the target audience use the solution and also pay for it

Introducing a sustainable business model

Scalability - Ability to grow and become more efficient according to size

Presenting data that indicates a broad enough audience that will justify the development of a new product

Demonstrate significant benefits of this solution that will get the target audience to consume it

Presenting the market entry model while overcoming psychological, cultural and legal barriers


Present as wide an audience as possible, including international work ability

Explain how the solution will result in a significant quality benefit among the target audience

Introducing a solution that can be easily replicated to a large number of users

Introducing a simple solution that allows for as short an implementation time as possible among customers



Introducing diverse team members who match their skills and experience in developing the solution

Presenting a concrete development plan in which all the developers are partners

Team members are recruited and harnessed for intensive continuation of development work the day after the acutism

Team members are able to lead the development of the project into execution

The challenge tracks

Education - EdTech

Solutions that combine education and learning (including a special track of the future class-enveloping class)

Smart city

Smart city solutions that incorporate a solution to autism

Smart House

Smart home solutions that incorporate a solution to autism

Medicine - Healthtech

Medical solutions that combine to address autism

Employment - Employ Tech

Solutions to the world of employment that integrate people with disabilities


Solutions to transportation challenges for people with autism and their families

Customized route

Things we have not thought of and have value in

Not technological -Not technological

An opportunity for non-technological ventures to get the tools of innovation and entrepreneurship and also to get exposure.

Continuing ventures

Opportunity to integrate into existing ventures and strengthen them. Veteran entrepreneurs get exposure.

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