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The Incubator  In December 2020, with the conclusion of the # 2 Hackathon event of Hackotism, was born  Incubator  The first entrepreneurship of its kind in the world! Accelerates startups dedicated to developing innovative solutions for women and children on the autistic continuum as well as for their families.  

Fifteen enterprises and about 50 enterprising entrepreneurs are at the heart of the Incubator. Every week they meet to learn from the best experts in the country and work diligently together with a battery of mentors and CASE MANAGERS who support them professionally.

The professional program accompanied the entrepreneurs on three levels:
Impact Entrepreneurship
  Descriptive and practical learning of entrepreneurship tools and processes such as market research,

Business  The envelope that every startupist needs to know, from personal branding and networking, through legal aspects to learning the way of thinking of investors.
Autism Incucator's uniqueness lies (among other things) around a specific field in which it strives to promote innovation. The program provided entrepreneurs with in-depth meetings with the target audience through unique panels that included special parents, special women and youth.  

A unique innovation community was born around the Incubator and is at the core of an evolving ecosystem. Senior officials in the economy who take part as judges, first-rate professionals who came to strengthen the contribution of knowledge and experience in their possession, and remained to intensify back. Experts and experts who serve as CASE MANAGERS and mentors, who provide professional guidance generously. A team of volunteers who admire love behind the scenes, and the heart of the community - the entrepreneurs who came with Drive to make dreams come true. Together, we are all here to change reality.  


Our staff

רימון טובין.png

Tammy Dorset
Managing Partnerships

Socialism and Pilots

Elad's mother

Goods grenade
Founder and dreamer

Yuval's father


Sheila Priests
Director of the Entrepreneurship Community

Ilana Moshkin



Emily Yishai

Project manager

Limor Poren

June's mother


Neta Greens
Project Manager

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