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A socio-technological enterprise of innovative solutions for people on the autistic spectrum and their families

A venture that has created a unique ecosystem which includes entrepreneurs, people on the Autism spectrum, parents of children with autism, professionals from the fields of innovation, technology and business. Join the HackAutism community.


"Imagine a world where Autism can be detected during pregnancy. Where we will be able to adapt food and supplements during a child's infancy, using artificial intelligence, to specifically enhance their development. We'll be able to monitor their sleep with advanced sensors to improve their daily functioning. We will have developed special glasses that will provide them real-time feedback and help them reach maximum capabilities. Smart boards that will enable low-functioning people with autism to communicate with the world. Platforms with customized content and interfaces that will foresee and avert tantrums using special sensors. Avatars that will teach them to "read reality" and Virtual Reality goggles that will train them to deal with threatening situations. We'll be able to connect mentors and work places to people on the spectrum using system recommendations based on artificial intelligence. Opening new horizons in security forces that will enable them to join their peers and be recruited like everyone else. A world where technology will help maximize their potential."

Rimon Tubin, HackAutism Founder

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