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 The winning ventures in 2019

brightplay logo

Emotional regulation therapy using virtual reality technologies


Treatment of emotional regulation by using VR technology, which exposes  The patient on the autistic continuum to different social scenes and stressful situations and helps him develop ways to deal with these situations

The partners

Lev Korczagin - Psychologist 

Omar Hadar - VR developer

Anat Weisberg - UX / UI designer 


Vocational training center and guidance for youth on the autistic continuum



Development of a professional training model  And my friend  And employment support for youth that includes: developing skills, strengthening self-esteem, a sense of ability and independence and preparation for the adult world of employment. 


Gal Itzik |  Amit Yizraeli

Bridal and integration coordinators, working and learning youth


The soul farm

Establishment of zebra farms where children on the spectrum will take care of them, with the understanding that in Yuval's inner world they are  Like autistic children need help to integrate into society and find them  role.

The first step will include bringing police horses into retirement, which can also contain abnormal behaviors of autistic children.


* Looking for architects, people with building abilities and help in allocating land.


Yuval Tobin and his team of mentors

Rimon - Yuval's father

קלף משחק

My solar club



Children with autism have taught me that improving expression improves communication with the environment,  That is why we have developed  Games for continuous expression improvement, by various digital means and by physical means (playing multi-language cards).

I would love to be assisted by autism research institutes, parents with children on the spectrum, autism therapists, communication clinicians, CEOs and marketing networks.


Legal advice - Rinat Baruch

Software - Idan Teller

Entrepreneur, instrumental enrichment teacher - Ram Menashe

לוגו של בקהילה

Addressing the concern of every parent  ​


Dormitories as a supportive environment for housing  Community of  People with autism.  Housing and integration in the community, with the support and accompaniment of quality guides, in the shadow of the challenge of a lacking state budget.

Looking for partners: University construction entrepreneurs, funders, student scholarships and government officials


Kings of Itzik and Hila Badash

hazilu app logo

Hazilu - a community and technology to help locate missing persons



An app that uses facial recognition and enables passers-by and security officials to assist in real-time people at risk who roam the public space helplessly, thus saving lives and preventing long absences.



Kings of Itzik and Hila Badash

בית לחיים לוגו

Home for Life -  Housing, training and development for autistics



An independent home for autistic people in a supported and promoted cooperative community in a shared building in a residential neighborhood.

Partners : 

Alon Seidel


Jonathan Slivko


ASDpulse logo

ASDPulse -  Measuring Autism Together





A technological research platform for creating a common space of action for parents and researchers

Objective: Real-time monitoring of individuals on the spectrum to promote research in Israel


Net  052-4814332

תמונה של בית

Home and Away




A housing assistance assistance system tailored for people with developmental intellectual disabilities that is designed to provide the information needed to provide the best and most professional care.


Gal Cohen - Entrepreneur and Director of Software Development

Hadar Shemesh - Software Development

Ariel Zilberstein - Application Development

Tal Atlas - Product Manager ( chemistry)

Liran Golan - application development

תמונה של מצלמה טכנולוגית




Socio-occupational integration of graduates with autism in labeling and deciphering roles in the field of artificial intelligence


An occupational incubator in a modern work environment that allows for personal growth and development  Based on the assumption that the individual exhausts his skills better in an environment where his sense of social belonging is higher.


Eli Gurovichi - Expert in high-tech entrepreneurship


Tamar Dvir - Autism specialist

ODEO app logo


Oversee and Defuse Emotional Overload

A system for monitoring and specifically reducing the intensity of emotions while alerting and activating the supportive environment.

* Looking for: UI / UX, Mobile Development


Uri Dotan - Entrepreneur, Product Manager

Leon Rosengarten - Ninja, Hardware and Software

Annie Amar - Transfer to Production


אייקון של לב

Compadre - a compulsive interest monitoring app on the Internet


Repetitive behavior sometimes indicates coping with cognitive, sensory, or emotional difficulties.

The goal - to develop an application that monitors viewing on a computer / phone / tablet, with an artificial intelligence component that is able to classify content consumption as repetitive and sends and alerts the immediate environment.


Dalit Roth Rosenberg -  Entrepreneur and product manager



Uri Rosenberg -  Software Development


תמונה של כלבים

Dogs that do well


Therapeutic interventions with the help of dogs among special populations, with an emphasis on children, on  Service and family dogs and therapeutic work with therapy dogs. 




Ella Ben-Nun - Entrepreneur and family consultant

Assaf Berler - Therapeutic canine instructor, guide dogs and therapeutic trainer

Einat Haraf-Kashadai - Developmental Psychologist, Instructor, Psychologist in charge of the Institute for Child Development at Meir Hospital

Dr. Ofer Tzadok - Veterinarian, owner of the Raanana Veterinary Center

VR set

Diagnostic and training system with the help of a quick questionnaire and brain waves for human behaviors



An integrated system that includes a unique diagnostic questionnaire combined with a brainwave system.

The goal  -  Create complementarity and diagnostic accuracy for therapists and physicians 

And assist in technological snapshot for  Type and dosage of drug  Or cannabis

As well as other therapeutic recommendations.

We will be happy to assist in the field - application development combined with algorithms




Michal Tal-fass, Israel

Dr. Osnat Rubin, Israel

Eli Birka, USA

Edge - MT

SociAmigo logo

VRy Friendly




Improving and encouraging social integration through virtual reality therapy that simulates social situations and learning the right interaction





Amnon Harshoshanim: Entrepreneur, development and management of software projects, father of a child on the autistic continuum and one of the founders of the "Akdem" association on this subject

Hagai Shomroni: Entrepreneur, strategy and technology for many years in the field of entrepreneurship and the world of education

Sigal Bohbot-Halamish: Art therapist for children on the autistic continuum

Dorit Guinea: Architect, with experience in planning for special needs

Galia Matok: WEB project management  And a digital expert

Michelle Bohbot: Business and financial lender, specializing in BI and RPA (bots)

לוגו של חשבון פשוט

Simple account




A virtual notebook that allows you to type simple arithmetic exercises for people on the continuum who are dealing with dysgraphia and / or difficulties with fine motor skills.



Yael Tzur, Rami Inbar and Amir Algazi

אותיות בעברית ואנגלית

Soma RPM in Israel




A focused mentoring method for learning for children and adults with autism

Rationale and vision: to give children and adults with autism an experience of realizing their intellectual potential

Means: individual and group guidance; Training for parents and caregivers; Establishing and managing programs in schools and institutions; Home plans; R&D


Initiator: Shirley Blair-Stein

Writer, lecturer, lawyer in Israel and New York 

And a social activist in the field of autism

עלה קאנביס ושמן קאנביס


Medical Cannabis Insights  




Children and adolescents on the autistic continuum who receive a prescription for medical cannabis go through a long and lengthy process until they find the right dose and timing for their treatment.

The application consolidates the information and data about the patients for optimal use and is individually tailored through a dedicated application that allows immediate follow-up and feedback to the patient / therapist and adjustment of treatment.


Dr. Orna Yehuda - Abramson

Abigail Dr.

כדורים של סמיילי





Teach children on the sequence to use facial expressions, voice and body language to identify  Mental state or mood. 

The goal - to develop tools for improving social communication



Noga Meir-Goren

לוח תקשורת

Smart communication board

(Singing from Abba Oz)




A smart communication board which in addition to the pictures and menus set by the parent or caregiver, will offer at any time and place 4 pictures that have a high probability that the user will want to choose. The smart board will do this based on documentation and learning of device usage. On any tablet or smartphone - simple and cheap.

We will be happy to assist with -  UX \ UI Developers |  Mobile developers and the advice of communication clinicians with an emphasis on alternative supportive communication. 





Oz Saadia

Eran Aaronson

Michal Glaitman

Hagai Dori and Merav Nir 

חסד מופלא לוגו

Wonderful kindness - independence and support




A high-functioning autistic community village combining families and a community that supports autism.  A first and unique venture that combines a green ecological settlement  And has an attitude of economic existential independence.

If the cannabis is legal, the village will benefit from medicinal formulas that will bring preparation and employment to the villagers.


Zohar Chaim


Insurance solutions tailored to people on the autistic continuum




I believe in fair and customized insurance for people on the autistic continuum, under the best conditions.


Citrus Heart Container

Judo Belts

Wonderful kindness - independence and support

A high-functioning autistic community village combining families and a community that supports autism.

A first and unique venture that combines a green ecological community, and has an approach of economic existential independence.

If the cannabis is legal, the village will benefit from medicinal formulas that will bring preparation and employment to the villagers.

Developer: Eyal Yosef Baghdadi Cohen, Martial Arts Instructor

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