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Guidelines for submitting a project (until - 25.11.20)

Do you have the ability to set up a project on an important and challenging topic?
Apply for your venture
 For Acutism 2.0.

Participating teams will be accompanied by mentors During the hackathon event and the winners of the competition will participate in the "Father Akotism" program through which the teams will receive professional guidance, assistance packages in our partners, an opportunity to realize the project.  

In order to complete the submission of the project - actions 1-2-3 must be performed by 23:59 on 25.11.2020

1. Fill out a project submission form


2. Download the presentation template. Edit it to include:

  • The name of the venture

  • What challenge does it answer (6 + 1, remember?)

  • What route are you on and why? (Companies or entrepreneurs)

  • Why is it innovative?

  • The business model

  • Project team

  • roadmap

These are the things that are important for us to see addressed. 

If it's important for you to add something beyond,  Feel comfortable.

All guidelines are also in the body of the presentation  

3. Take a 90-second video on the roof, and in front of a camera, tell about the project.

  • In the video  Answer just one simple question: "How will your venture change the world of people with autism and those close to them?"


  • A little tip - try to imagine the judges who will see him, try to imagine that he will be shown on TV - how will he bring about the change?  Leave the official answers to all the technical questions for the presentation, and focus in front of the camera  On the question of innovation and change

  • The video must be uploaded to YouTube and the link to the material submission form must be copied in the button below.

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