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You have applied  Participation in a competition for mentors

We are very happy about your desire to participate in the mentor system in the acotism competition. 

Together we will create solutions that will improve people's lives on the autism spectrum.

Are you people who can sweep a team in its infancy and help it promote initiative in its first steps?

We are building a select team of mentors who will accompany the initiatives, during the event and even perhaps for the continuation of the activity in the post-event phase.

We are looking for candidates who have knowledge and experience in one of the following areas: the world of technology, the world of business entrepreneurship, the world of social entrepreneurship, the world of user experience design, the world of industrial design or those with a background in treating people with autism. Register here as candidates for the Mentors Team  Will accompany the entrepreneurial teams at the hackathon and also post-hackathon activities.

Join  For hackathon participants

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