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Startups 2021


A pioneering platform that accesses customized video content to improve communication, learning, and quality of care for women and children with autism.


An innovative platform based on artificial intelligence for the assessment and treatment of autism. The system combines the best-known methods for treating autism such as behavioral analysis, speech therapy, occupational therapy, emotional therapy and physiotherapy by creating an ultimate treatment plan and work environment. It helps healthcare providers and clinics make full care accessible to a wider audience, while saving money and time.


Wearable personal assistant based on artificial intelligence that enhances social interactions and assists in decision making. The assimilation on augmented reality glasses will allow the user to communicate in the natural environment. By projecting feedback in the form of animated icons the user is hinted at responding during social interactions. Using the system will improve the function, ability and independence of the user and will enable his integration as a functioning individual in the company.

3 DSpectrum

An interactive computer game for learning and strengthening non-verbal communication for people on the autistic continuum. The game gives instant feedback using artificial intelligence technology that detects user behavior. It creates a playful and enjoyable practice environment for the patient for learning expression and understanding emotion and body language. The patient does not feel the treatment and his response rises miraculously. The patient can also practice at home the 'homework' that the therapist has set for him. The tool makes it easier for the therapist to define the treatment, make the treatment accessible, respond to the patient and follow up.

Ron Liraz 



A customized digital platform for managing and tracking children's day and night routines on the autistic continuum. The caregivers and parents enter data on the child's activities during the day, and a non-contact sensor transmits data on the child's sleep quality at night. The system identifies specific patterns that can lead to challenging behavior or sleep problems and helps maintain a more balanced and healthy routine.

Roman Karasik


Sequence Actions  Myth

A personal voice assistant that helps perform and complete complex tasks that include several steps, and is built within an application for a phone and / or tablet. Its uniqueness is in the progress in performing the actions that make up the task, which is performed through voice commands scheduled and initiated by the personal assistant. That is, it will serve as an external mediator who accompanies the user in performing the actions, without initiating the application. The ability and self-confidence, will reduce the dependence on the caregivers, and will increase the ability to function independently and integrate into society.


An app for connecting children on the continuum to volunteer youth, based on areas of interest and geographical proximity (life in the community), while making "meeting-promoting" information accessible, which reduces the cause of anxiety and strengthens awareness.

Amit Yizraeli


A hybrid platform for providing job offers for people with autism. The idea for the project was born out of the understanding that employment opportunities for people with autism do not always go well with them, often there is no match between professional abilities and how they are expressed in the world of work. Which often leads to high unemployment and burnout.

Yehuda Gabizon

the autism market

A personal marketplace for families, adults and service providers for the autistic population that includes: a unique search engine that accesses data quickly, easily and accurately according to the needs of the seeker, an index of service providers, an ecommerce store, an urban autism market fair and an academy for parents and caregivers.  The Marketplace makes the user's search experience easier, accessible and fast, accurate in the level of information it receives, rich in terms of the amount of relevant personal content and most importantly a connecting and sharing experience among community members.


A virtual reality-based platform for practicing challenging everyday scenarios in the form of a dynamic game. With the help of virtual reality glasses we simulate a variety of everyday scenarios with the help of which one can practice social skills and proper conduct as well as gradual exposure to various sensory stimuli such as noise, lighting and density. During the experiences important behavioral data and physiological data are collected for measuring anxiety through a smart bracelet. The virtual reality app is accompanied by a control app for the therapist as well as a control panel which monitors the child's progress from treatment to treatment.

Omer Haadar


A holistic system that is designed to help a person diagnosed on the spectrum integrate more adaptively into the real world. (Aimed at a safe environment - home and setting, and forever - after quality biometric learning for the individual)  The solution is multi-dimensional and includes several steps and responses: real-time information collection - video / audio / biometric, in addition to private, environmental information and feedback from an accompanying factor, smart correlation between information sources, activity funnel definition interface - desirable response - coping and restyling programs and pro mechanism -Active - Interface increases independence.

A smart digital consultant who helps parents of children on the autistic continuum streamline processes  Making their own decisions when caring for a child. The counselor increases the parents' sense of ability and confidence through a customized decision-making model and access to verified and accurate information for their needs and over time. The counselor combines diverse and verified sources of information, learns about the child's history and uses statistical models to recommend the next steps and predict success.



A digital home for people with autism that aims to address the problem of loneliness, using technological tools, so that they too can exercise their right to enjoy a fulfilling social life. Instead of loneliness and despair, we want to give tools and hope, especially in this time of social distance.

How To Deal With Autism In The Family

Hybrid Digital Program: The overarching goal is to empower parents and build them as mentors and around them skilled parent communities  around the world. The project will be accompanied by an innovative application that enables control and improvement of parent processes, on-site support  Line by topic, "Hotline" with an expert, research and renewable knowledge bank, feedback system for parents that will generate accumulated knowledge  From personal experience in the field, and will help guide them and pinpoint the process.


A digital platform based on the wisdom of the masses for parents of children and adolescents on the spectrum that connects them to the best professionals according to their requirements, from the search stage, through care to social security refunds, establishing measurable progress data in scientific standards and using them as a smart recommendation system for parents and caregivers.

Asaf Haddad

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