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The Hackathon  

A technological entrepreneurship competition to develop solutions that meet the challenges of people on the spectrum.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech people, parents, people on the autistic spectrum, professionals, come together to find solutions and to the challenges we gather from the community.  

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Hackathon + autism = HackAutism .

Acutism is a volunteer project of a team consisting of parents of children on the autism spectrum, professionals from various fields, and people on the autism spectrum, who put themselves Aim to promote solutions to the challenges of autism. The project operates in partnership with Microsoft, Alut, the Israel Accessibility Association, Bank Hapoalim and dozens of other leading companies and organizations in Israel.

The purpose of HackAutism

The purpose of the Hackotism event - To germinate 10 viable, sustainable projects that address the challenges experienced by children and adults on the autism spectrum and their families. Acutism is an event that sprouts ideas when the winners of the competition continue on a defined path of an incubator for the development of the projects that will be selected in the hackathon competition in partnership with the Israel Accessibility Association. We called this activity "the day after ." The projects selected by the Hackathon judging panel will receive continued support and guidance from mentors we have selected for them to help the project mature and grow into a true solution that will impact the lives of children on the autism spectrum and their families.  


What is Autism?  

Autism is a developmental-neurological condition that affects two main areas of a child's abilities:

  •   Social communication with the environment

  •   Repetitive and limited behavior and interests

Autism affects the way people communicate with other people and the way they understand the environment, so sometimes

Often the world is for them is a confusing place.

The term 'Autism Spectrum Disorder' (ASD) reflects the fact that although people with autism have a range of difficulties in communication, friendship, imagination or flexibility of thought, each is in a different place on the continuum and therefore no two people with autism are identical to each other. Some people on the autism spectrum will be able to live an independent life, while others will always need help and support.

To continue reading about autism, we recommend visiting the website of Alut - a national association for children and adults with autism

What is the Hackathon?

The Hackathon is a competitive event that aims to produce innovative solutions to a given problem in a short and defined time. In Hackathon, teams, usually programmers, designers and product people, compete to win the prize. The typical acton deals with a technological or commercial challenge, and the groups have to think of a creative idea that will be a solution to the challenge. The teams will be required to develop a demo or mock-up (visualization) and eventually present it to a panel of judges.

האקתון 2023 - תמונת מחזור

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